Bondsmage Initiate


The young man looks slight, like he doesn’t quite eat enough or has never done a hard days work. His skin is pale as a nobles but his garb says otherwise with a light tunic of plain colours, a curved dagger strapped to his side. His face is pointed, almost elfin in appearance and his eyes are like a brand new copper piece. His hair is a deep brownish red, like polished rosewood that falls down around his ears framing his clean shaven. His mouth is fixed in a slight smirk that looks natural on his face. On his right hand is a detailed tattoo in pitch black ink.

Character Sheet

Thay’s Journal


Bondsmagi Initiate Thay’s Record as documented by Bondsmage Maester Verenier

Thay’s origins are somewhat mysterious. We know he was born in the midwinter under Zarantyr and was raised in Korranberg in southern Zilargo. His father, a human, was Ser Kyrick. Ser Kyrick was a cavalier of some renown who fought in many of the battles under Zilargo’s banner. He earned his knighthood in the battle of Torlaac Moor where he is reported to have saved a councilman’s son at the cost of an arm. The family was well off but never had much of an opportunity to achieve higher standing in the courts. The mother Deidea was half-elven, probably from Valenar though possibly from Aerenal. He has a twin brother Volkus who went missing during the goblin raid that killed their parents. Volkus has since been seen as far north as the Merylsward. He became something a monster slayer but all attempts to divine his whereabouts have failed, likely by his design.

Thay studied under the Grand Wizard Dworkin in Trolanport for a few years after his family dissolved but left after the disappearance of Dworkin reported several previous. During his studies Thay explored all branches of magic but found it easiest to channel his abilities into raw energy. It is likely that had he not been discovered by Dworkin his abilities would have manifested naturally. He’s been involved with the battle at the ruins of Paluur Draal as well as the raid on Wyvernskull. In conclusion, he’s quick to anger, judges risk reward poorly but possess a fair competence level for his age.

Suggest course of action: Admittance.

Record of Thay, 3rd Summer of Sypheros. Updated by Bondsmage Maester Verenier

Thay has proven a difficult student. Bondsmage Archmage Sorenix has sent Thay to the jungles of Xen’drik to further his skills as conventional learning methods see to have little to no affect on his progress. Through self exploration Sorenix hopes that Thay will improve his skills faster. The method is not unheard of as a similar ‘quest’ was performed by Bondsmage Feni; Sorenix has suggested the same examination be prepared for Thay upon his return. The initiate was less then pleased by what he describes as an exile but promises to return in three years time. During this time Thay is not required to pay tithes to the guild but will receive no aid from the guild either. Lastly, should a current Bondsmage of rank Adept or higher require aid in or around Xen’drik Thay is required to provide assistance. He has been provided with a Handy Haversack, his possessions and three hundred marks to use as he wishes. From this point forward until his return, Thay is effectively a bound exile of the Bondsmagi Guild.