Bondsmagi Guild

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (All alignments accepted)
Size: ~500
Headquarters: Floating Towers of Arcanix, Khorvaire

Eberron is a realm of fantastic magic with even wild tribes being exposed to its wonders often. With this in mind a collection of mages as seen in the Bondsmagi Guild was inevitable. The guild had a bloody start forming slowing during the Last War and being recognized shortly after the Treaty of Thronehold.

The original member is unknown but the story of it’s birth is legend. A mage of some power visited a weaker mage. He offered a simple deal, “join me or I will destroy you.” Met with such an ultimatum the weaker mage partnered with the other. Then they visited a mage slightly stronger than the first mage. To this mage they said “You could defeat either of us, but together we can destroy you. Join us or die” and then there were three. The group continued gaining traction in this fashion. Some mages resisted and were destroyed which only fueled the reputation of the group. Finally when enough had joined they formed the Bondsmagi guild.

Documents were drawn up and rules were established and by this point force was no longer required, mages would come to join them. Their rules we simple:

  • No Bondsmage may kill another.
  • No school is greater than another.
  • All Bondsmagi must tithe part of their earnings to the Guild and remain in good standing.
  • All Bondsmagi must be marked and identify themselves as such.
  • If anyone kills a Bondsmage, the remaining Bondsmagi will kill them, their partner, their siblings, their children, their parents, and everyone else until their line is removed.

At all times the guild must have a group of three Grand Magi who collectively lead the Guild and protect its interests, these Magi are appointed by the Guild. Additionally the ranks in descending order are Archmage, Maester, Guildmage, Guildmage Adept, and Guildmage Initiate. All races, creeds, religions, schools and branches of magic are welcome.

The Bondsmagi have been involved mostly in Khorvaire. They have been involved in the hunting of the Lord of Blades, his rogue warforged and the lost Creation Forge. The purging of Lyrenton and have sold their services to many rich and powerful.