Thay's Journal

Translated from Draconic
Entry One – Day five in Stormreach
By the twelve moons what am I doing on this gods forsaken continent. All the libraries and legends speak of great magic and wonders in the jungles of Xen’drik but if Stormreach is any indication it’s a land of drunk savages who’ve probably never even picked up a book. Their library appears none existent and the Storm Lords of the city don’t appear to recognize the Bondsmagi so I’m left sleeping in an inn smelling of rotted wood. It also seems everywhere I’m going someone is offering to sell me grog which has to be one of the vilest drinks I’ve ever had; and I’ve sampled that shit goblins call mead. Speaking of which, I should count my blessings as I haven’t laid eyes on a single goblin yet, I can only hope my luck continues. The Dragonmark houses are here too but they too offer no assistance to a Bondsmagi. All in all, no trains, no skyships, no reasonably priced alchemy supplies, and I’m running low on antiplague and could sure go for some aether right now. Maybe I’ll just get drunk and find a woman who doesn’t smell like an ox…or if that doesn’t happen I’ll just burn something down.

Translated from Dwarven
Entry Two – Day six on the continent of Xen’drik
Living in a city of drunks and the uneducated is one thing but being harassed by bands of gnolls not once, but twice on a road directly out of the main city is ridiculous. The Bondsmage Damarin has me on some errand to the nearby Thronegate Ruins, he supplied me with questionable company but admittedly I would have had to expend a lot more magic to have overcome the gnolls without them. A halfling man, Underhill or something, who seems to have something driving him. He seems eager to get stuff done which is somewhat refreshing to see in this place. There’s also an elf, quiet but fairly deadly with a crossbow. I still know next to nothing about them but they’re working for coin. I like knowing peoples motives up front and coin is a pretty good dealer, I’ll trust them for now but if the fight with the gnolls was any indication we need a knight to go travelling in the jungle, but now, sleep.

Translated from Undercommon
Entry Three – Day seven on the continent of Xen’drik
Well this continent is finally proving interesting. My first outing into the world the giants left behind and I come across what appears to be a creation forge and an active Warforged in Xen’drik. I feel this could easily lend some truth to the idea of Warforged originally being conceived in Xen’drik. With the political struggles of the Warforged and the hunt of the creation forges in Khorvaire Xen’drik may prove an important site to learn about them. Unfortunatly it looks like the exploration team may have died in pursuit of this. Lastly I’ve met Rovad, an orc-kin who possessed the prowess to repair a Warforged in a cave without the proper tools and no plans to follow, he’s more impressive then he seems, and the added bonus that he’s not a goblin.