The Continent of Xen’drik

Former home of the once proud and intelligent giant race, Xen’drik is a continent considered home by the Drow, and home of the port city of Stormreach; a haven for trade and a frontier into the ruins of the devastated lands that remain after ages long past. It is filled with many different ecosystems; it is in fact covered in jungles, desert, ice, and volcanic regions simultaneously.


The city of Stormreach is the largest city in Xen’drik, calling itself home to the largest human and humanoid concentrations on the continent. As a city that was founded upon an ancient giant ruin by Khorvaire pirates who pillaged Quori ships on the way to Sarlona, Stormreach has since grown into a frontier city, and a cultural mixing pot. Boasting a melange of all civilized races from across Eberron, as well as quite possibly the largest port, it is the hub of most trade that goes on in Xen’drik, as well as the home of several organizations with vested interests in the unexplored regions of the continent, and likewise organizations which seek to expand civilized holds upon the mainland. It contains a grand marketplace, several districts separated primarily by the Dragonmarked houses which own property in the city, a citadel that is owned and maintained by The Twelve which is devoted to higher learning of the arcane arts and uncovering magical secrets, a large cathedral maintained by The church of the Silver Hand, and Lordsmarch Palace, a grand keep that is owned and maintained by the most affluent members of the city, the Coin Lords. These are but a few attractions amongst other wonders and points of interest kept within the city.

The population of Stormreach is broken down into the following demographics:

*Human: 43%
*Gnomes: 9%
*Half-Elves: 9%
*Dwarves: 8%
*Orcs and Half-Orcs: 8%
*Halflings: 7%
*Elves: 6%
*Warforged: 2%
*Shifters: 2%
*Changelings: 1%
*Others (Drow, Goblinoids, Giants, Kalashtar, Monstrous Races): 5%

Dar Qat

Not much is known of the city of Dar Qat to outsiders, and The Inspired who rule over it prefer things that way. It is proceeded over by the Quori, a race of highly intelligent and powerful creatures who have mastered the arcane arts, such to the point that they can literally transcend their beings to inhabit those of others.

These Quori, however, are not the same invaders who conquered the land of Sarlona in ages past… In fact, these descendants of the Dreaming Dark were born from the destruction of their kin in the age past, and seek to find clues in the relics of their fore-bearers as to how to prevent such destruction from coming once more to their home of Dal Quor. As such they have expanded their efforts into researching the ruined lands of Xen’drik and the great portal to Dal Quor that once existed there, and use the city of Dar Qat as a way of processing and transferring goods back to Sarlona.

The city itself is built out of stone, glass, and crystal; a true homage to the amazing creativity of the Quori, as the city is more of an artistic impression than a trade hub. It’s wall stands as tall as four men, and is guarded by no less than twelve Inspired, a contingent of human guards, along with five hundred empty vessels; psionic warriors who are controlled by the Inspired from afar. The population in general is approximately 95% human, (the majority of which are enslaved) 2% Dromite, and 3% Other (Inspired, Empty Vessels, Giants and Half-Giants)